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When: Saturday, June 11, 12:00-6:00 P.M.

Where: Kincaid Park, Anchorage

How much: $55 ticket + $20 Arctic Bicycle Club membership

How registration works

Your ticket to the Mountain Bike for Women festival has two parts: Your Arctic Bicycle Club membership ($20) and your event ticket ($55). To register, you’ll first set up your membership with ABC, and then you’ll purchase your event ticket.

About Arctic Bicycle Club membership

This year, Mountain Bike for Women has become part of the Arctic Bicycle Club’s mountain bike programming. We love ABC’s commitment to high-quality bike events for riders of all ages and levels, and as a nonprofit, their events directly benefit our community.

All attendees of Mountain Bike for Women need to be members of ABC for our event insurance, and your yearlong membership gives you access to events throughout the summer - including some new programs this year specifically for us, to keep the party going long after the festival has ended! 

What if I already have my ABC membership for the year?

You’re ahead of the game, awesome! You’ll just sign in to the ABC portal with your active member login and proceed to buy your event ticket ($55).

I’m facing some barriers to participating this year. Can you help?

Of course! We recognize that there is still not equitable access to mountain biking in our community, and Mountain Bike for Women is at heart an inclusive event for women, trans, femme and non-binary riders. We are committed to expanding access to folks who have long been under-represented, excluded, and pushed to the margins of mountain biking.

If you need help to attend Mountain Bike for Women, we’ve got your back. Contact us at for a promo code to register at no cost to you!

I’d like to contribute to help others attend the event. Can I make a donation with my event registration?

Thank you for stepping up! Your Arctic Bicycle Club membership is your contribution to our no-cost community tickets, so you can feel great about helping spread the bike love! If you have additional resources you’d like to share, we’d love to talk with you about sponsorship opportunities. Get in touch with our Event Director, Natasha, at

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