Bike Festival Information


Coming in early 2020! Here is the tentative game plan:


Get your bibs and swag at a local brewery the night before each festival. Details will be emailed to you!


11:30 - Welcome! Get ready to ride. Check in at the welcome table if you have any questions. 

12:00 - Session 1 of the skills clinics start. Meet at least 15 minutes early to find your group. 

2:30 - Late lunch break. Pizza! GF and veggie options available of course. Refill your water. Relax and get excited for the afternoon skills clinic!

3:00 - Session 2 of the skills clinic starts. Same groups! 


4:30 - Enjoy an ice-cream sundae bar and talking bikes with your new group of chic riders!


Whether you're new to biking or experienced, join us to increase your confidence and abilities. Our clinics are designed to group you with others that have similar abilities and goals.  Read the descriptions below to determine where you best fit. Space is limited so be sure to register as soon as you can! 


The skills clinics are about providing a thorough learning experience from trained instructors. They are designed to help you gain confidence and ability when riding your mountain bike. The group sizes will be small so you can get one on one instruction and have a chance to meet other riders with similar skills.


In addition to learning how to ride, these clinics are designed to help you gain confidence on the trails and make new friends at your same skill level.  Don't be bashful to ask for each other's contact information so you can ride in the future!

All groups will meet in the stadium area at Kincaid in Anchorage. All groups in Soldotna will meet at Soldotna High School to access the Tsalteshi trails.


Well marked signs will help you locate you group leader. Your ride leader information will also be written onto your event bib, which will be handed out during the bib pick-up. Space will be limited, so if you are interested in signing up, be sure to register ASAP.


Review the descriptions below and self-select the right group when you register. Not sure where you belong? No problem! Make your best guess and we can always shift you to a different group the day-of the event if it's not a good fit. 


"I'M NEW TO BIKING" (Super Beginner) - Welcome! We're so glad you are trying out mountain biking. Spoiler alert! You're going to love it. Especially after taking this skills clinic where the instructor covers how to get on your bike, how to brake, body positioning, and general tips on riding single track. 

"I BIKE BUT STILL GETTING COMFORTABLE" (Beginner) -  Excellent. You have likely biked for years but perhaps don't have much experience mountain biking or riding single track. If you feel timid with roots or down sections, this will be a great class for you. Learn body positioning for a more confident and steady ride. You will also receive technique training for riding those roots (nope not just trying to coast through them!). 

"I RIDE SINGLETRACK, BUT I'M NOT FAST" (Beginner-Intermediate) - Hey there's no problem with that! This class is for you if you get out and ride casually but don't feel like you have the fitness (or interest) in long loops. If you're looking to overcome mental barriers like descending or riding a tricky section, this is the group for you. 

"I'M SQUARELY INTERMEDIATE" (Intermediate) - Love it. You are well on your way! Perhaps you have done a few races or biking events before. You get out and ride all summer and are looking to take your skills to the next level. In this class, you will learn cornering, small drops, and technique for riding roots. 

"I'M INTERMEDIATE PLUS" (Intermediate-Advanced)  - You are so humble you won't call yourself an expert, but you aren't a beginner/intermediate anymore! So what does that make you? An excellent rider just getting better and better. Take this class to cover more advanced topics on cornering, body positioning, and technique. 

"I GUESS I'M AN ADVANCED RIDER!" (Advanced) - Nice you super star! This class is for you if you want to learn technique for drops and jumps. However, we must admit this clinic is primarily designed for beginners to intermediate riders. If you would be willing to volunteer as a coach, we would love your help!


Please be sure to show up to the class with your bike in good riding condition. Make sure you have enough air pressure in your tires, your brakes and shifters are working, etc. If you need help, don't hesitate to visit any of the local bike shops to get your bike in tip top riding condition.


We will also be hosting events in May leading up the festival on topics of bike maintenance and how to change a flat.  By signing up for the festival, you will get first dibs on spots at those special educational events. Workshops taught BY women FOR women. 



Send your questions to or post to our Facebook event page. 

Do I need a nice bike to participate? 

You need a mountain bike to participate. It doesn't have to be fancy, but it needs treaded tires so you can ride dirt trails. Just be sure to make sure it's ready to be ridden. If in doubt, stop by any of the local bike shops for a tune-up. 

What skill level should I sign up for the clinics or social rides?

We want to get groups matched up as closely as possible by skill levels. If you don't know how to gauge your skill, read the descriptions below and choose the one that fits best. 

Super-Beginner: I have biked before but it has been a LONG time or you have never mountain biked. Want to cover topics like balance, getting on the bike, shifting, braking, etc. Want to go slow and take things cautiously. 

Beginner: You have biked some, but don't have much mountain bike experience. Have been on single track trails before. Don't feel too comfortable riding roots or other small features. Want to get better at shifting, going down hills, and technique generally. 

Beginner - Intermediate: You are comfortable with shifting and braking. You want to get better at cornering, descending, and riding common features found on the trails. 

Intermediate: You are a good rider, but wouldn't call yourself fast. You're building your confidence with descending and other features like small drops. You also want to improve your root riding abilities and strength overall. 

Intermediate - Advanced: You are rapidly getting better and feel like a few individualized tips would help you take your riding to the next level. 

Advanced: You ride bikes regularly and feel comfortable with a variety of terrain. 

What food will be served? What if I have allergies? 

We will have a snack bar of common foods from Costco like fresh fruit, nuts, granola bars, cookies, etc. Dinner will be pizza graciously sponsored by Papa Murphy's. We will have gluten-free, vegetarian, and dairy-free options with sides. Dessert is a surprise! 

My partner, husband, friend, etc. is welcome right?

All are welcome to join us to hang out at the Bike Festival! The event activities, however, are specifically designed for all women and girls (transgender and cisgender). Encourage your partners and friends to come out to cheer, hang out in the Sponsor Village, and help out as volunteers. 

Will there be alcohol?

We won't be serving alcohol at this event...but if some adult beverages were in your cooler, we wouldn't stop you ;)

Do you need volunteers?

Ummm YES! If you are interested in helping with event planning, email us at to get involved. If you can help day-of, we need volunteers. This is a great way for partners and older kids to be involved. Please drop a line!

How can we get involved as sponsors?  Or involve sponsors?

Thank you for wanting to support this event! Please email Event Director Meredith at You can download our sponsorship informational packet here.  

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